Smells Like Padres in Here - Turn Into The Skid - Day 4 - Edition

Smells Like Padres in Here - Turn Into The Skid - Day 4 - Edition

The end is near, I'm afraid.  Nothing is going right for us.  Yeah, I know.  Four in a row.  Hey, four in a row earlier in the season would've helped us, but it's too late now.  Getting four in a row is a pretty simple task - just ask RBS, who pointed out earlier this week that he, uh, apparently plays Connect Four at some tiny Mexican eatery in Irvine.  I know that seems odd, but I'm sure he's gotten four in a row plenty of times in Connect Four tournaments or something.  It's a simple task, much easier than winning one of your final two games.  So, anyway, we're done.  In the immortal words of my all time favorite celibate musician Morrissey - Oh Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head/And as I climb into an empty bed/Oh well. Enough said./I know it's over.  

Trevor Hoffman is a great teammate and one funny dude.

KT loves Bud.

Here's what happened at Coors Field.

Wow.  I can't imagine a worse pitching matchup for today.  Chris Young goes against The Dave Bush.  Young has not won since July and is super tall, which everyone knows is not a good thing to be.  Tall people have all kinds of problems, not the least of which is winning baseball games.  And The Dave Bush, well, he FREAKING OWNS the Padres - on May 25th he held us to 7 runs on 9 hits over five innings.  That is some stellar work and I'm sure it will be in the back of the Padres' minds.  It says The Dave Bush took a loss that day, but I have a strong feeling that is totally wrong and that he actually won that day and that they bronzed the resin bag following his electrifying performance.  Plus, the game is supposed to be on Fox and after last night's performance on national TV, I think it's safe to say - our season is definitely over.  Game time is 12:55pm PST.

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