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Peavy should pitch on Sunday

SignOnSanDiego is reporting that Black is saving Peavy for a possible Monday game. I bet Bud Black was the type of kid who ate all his gross Halloween candy first and saved the good stuff until April when it became dry or his mom threw it out. 

Black said he'll stick with his plan of starting Brett Tomko on Sunday, preferring to save ace Jake Peavy for a potential one-game playoff on Monday.

Now if it were me, I'm going for the win tomorrow.  I'm starting Peavy Sunday, give them the best chance of clinching the Wild Card.  I think we have a better chance of beating an eliminated Brewers team than a team that is also doing everything in their power to win the Wild Card.  The team that we would have to play Monday is going to be a better team than the Brewers, better record and they have a vested interest in the outcome.  The Pads would also be coming off a travel day.

We don't want to waste Jake if we don't have to," Black said. "And if we need him for a playoff game, we have him right there - full rested, not on three days' rest."

We wouldn't be wasting Peavy if he does his job and wins the game tomorrow. That's not a waste in my mind. If we go to a Monday game we are wasting our bullpen and tiring out the whole team by making them travel and play. Not that it matters but Peavy would get a chance to go for his 20th victory and he wouldn't have to pitch the first game of Post Season play.  If Peavy does pitch on Monday then he might not be ready for even the second game of the post season.

Go for the jugular now, we don't want to have the whole season balancing on one game on Monday.