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Open Thread: 9/29, Padres vs. Brewers

Are you ready to grab some afternoon delight?  The game starts at 12:55 today and will be a nice treat considering it is a rare Saturday day game.  Who's ready for some Young/Bush?  Everybody?  Okay good.

We're on the verge of clinching that Wild Card spot and if things work out just right we could sink our teeth into the NL West title if we win out and Arizona loses the rest.  I don't want to be greedy, but how sweet would that be?  I'll be fine with just making the playoffs since at the beginning of the week it was looking like an impossibility.

While everybody else was trying to figure out all the different playoff scenarios, I was busy trying to figure out if Rally Monday would still be held at Petco if the Pads were playing a tie-breaker game on Monday as well.  Has anyone thought about Rally Monday???  

So yeah, let's win today, finish this season right.  Oh and Chris Young needs to start acting like the alternate All-Star pitcher that he is.  

Go Padres!!