Smells Like Padres in Here - Turn Into The Skid - Day 3 - Edition

Smells Like Padres in Here - Turn Into The Skid - Day 3 - Edition

Yeah, Padres, I know.  You want me to get all excited because now you've won three in a row.  Clap.  Clap.  Clap.  You know when winning three in a row might've mattered?  How about when that team from Colorado showed up at Petco last week?  Yeah, that might've been a good time to win three in a row.  But now?  Why don't you hold on for a second while I close this barn door since I just let the horse out, alright?  

Sullivan on The Iron Lady.

Jake will go on Sunday if necessary.

NYT on the NL West.

So let's see.  We have Greg Maddux versus Chris Capuano tonight.  Capuano is stepping in for an injured Ben Sheets, which is a bit like having Superman step in for Batman - there is no drop off there.  And the last time Maddux pitched, he gave up about 19 runs in two innings and his back problems are so bad that they are talking about having to remove his spine and replace it with a five iron.  Not much to get excited about there.  The whole mess will be televised on ESPN tonight, which is a mistake.  I don't know what our record is in games televised by ESPN, but I'm certain it's awful.  Game time is 5:05pm PST.  

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