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Open Thread: 9/28, Padres vs. Brewers

I'm glad we won last night, no doubt, but I really wish somebody (ahem...Braves and Dodgers) would have gotten those other two teams off of our butt.  I hate when people walk too close to my butt.

 Just yesterday I was walking down a flight of stairs talking to a friend and this lady came up behind.  She was so close, and slightly higher since she was a step or two above me. It felt like I was giving her a piggy back ride.  It wasn't like we weren't walking at a pretty good clip.  I could understand if the lady was impatient because we were dawdling, but that wasn't the case.  She was right there and I could feel myself being weighed down by her walking so close.  I could feel her breath blowing through my soft luxurious hair.

My only choice was just to keep walking faster and faster to get her off my back, because I sure as hell wasn't going to let her pass me.

See what I did? That's a metaphor for the situation the Padres are in. Three teams sitting one game back in the Wild Card race.

Other games that we need to worry about are:

  • Arizona vs. Colorado
  • Phillies vs. Nationals
  • Mets vs. Florida

Maddux pitching. Let's win this sucker. Go Pads.