Smells Like Padres in Here - Turn Into The Skid - Day 2 - Edition

Smells Like Padres in Here - Turn Into The Skid - Day 2 - Edition

Two in a row???  Big deal.  In the words of the immortal motivational speaker Matt Foley - WHOOP-DEE-FREAKIN-DOO.  You know who else has won two in a row?  EVERY OTHER TEAM IN BASEBALL AT SOME POINT THIS SEASON.  Anyone can do it, it's that easy.  Sorry, Padres, but you can't fool me.  Can't pull the wool over my eyes.  No chance.  You were flat out lucky to beat Pat Mischa Barton last night.  You don't beat Pat Mischa Barton without some sort of crazy luck.  So go ahead and go to Milwaukee.  Finish up your little schedule.  We all know the season is over.  

Bobby Meacham may be the nicest guy in baseball.


The Cubs are confident.

Worst commercial ever?

I pretty much hate all things Boston, but this SI piece on Papelbon is pretty good.  Check out the second page of the article - it's easy to see why Curt Schilling is the worst teammate in the history of teammates.  (By the way - in the print edition, they've got a bunch of b&w photos of players on teams that are headed to the postseason.  There is a photo of Brandon Webb.  No photos of any Padres.  Even SI knows it's over for us.)

Jack Cassel vs. Yovani Gallardo tonight.  Cassel is a rookie and a Dodger fan and Gallardo is 9-4 and will probably win the Cy Young.  We don't have a prayer.  I will probably just watch Gossip Girl again because it was so good last night.  Game time is 5:05pm PST.

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