Smells Like Padres in Here - Turn Into The Skid Edition

Smells Like Padres in Here - Turn Into The Skid Edition

If you think one amazing stupid victory is gonna adjust my attitude, you are sadly mistaking, my little Padre fan friends.  You will know the truth soon enough.  Our season is over.  And if you think I'm doing this just because I'm superstitious and because I don't dare change a thing after what happened last night I'm pissed off at our team, then you'd be right.  Over. Done. Finished. Sayonara.

Do not fear, Jason Lane is here.

John Henry thinks Frank McCourt's old house sucks.

This brings tears to my eyes.

Jake Peavy versus Pat Misch tonight.  Jake's been a serious disappointment.  He has 18 wins, but he should have like 25.  Underachiever.  So it doesn't look good.  Basically, we're just playing out the string.  Game time is 7:15pm PST.

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