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Open Thread, 9/26: Friars vs Gigantes

Tonight's the last time we'll get to see Barry Bonds at Telephone Park in a Giants uniform. I'll miss the sound of Giants Fan as they explain that if Barry was on your team, you'd root for him too and that Ken Caminiti was a drug user too and that you should hate on him too. I really will. It's such a well thought out argument. It's all speculation! You don't know he took steroids! Ken Caminiti! Blah Blah Blah.

Also, I don't know why, but jbox and I have been quick with the BAN button lately since our locals can't seem to stop feeding the trolls. Once upon a time, when nobody would really comment and we were free to write whatever the hell we wanted without scrutiny, we actually welcomed trolls because it gave us a chance to beat people down via the internet. Those were the days. As it is now, we have to watch out for trolls because they can't seem to not curse or not make ridiculous arguments that completely take our posts and comments out of context.

That being said, I'd appreciate it if none of you would go trolling please. I don't want to really attract any trolls here and we don't need "representatives" going out to troll. Unless it's the Damn Mariners. Then go troll all you want. All I know is if you troll on somebody else's site and they ban you, then you deserve it. This isn't an open forum. It's why you have to register. Thanks.

Matt Cain Effect in effect? Let's see...

Go Padres. Experience it. (too tired for exclamation points)