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The End is Near...

You want to hear a secret? We still have the lead in the Wild Card. No it's true. So why is everybody so down in the dumps?   Is it because we might blow it?  Because we will probably blow it?  Are you scared of the Phillies?  Is that it?  The Pads have their back to the wall so feel free to cut and run if that's what you need to do. Dex and I have to be here, but the rest of you aren't on the payroll.  You can decide for yourselves.

Look I'm certainly not happy about our situation but please don't threaten to give up, just go ahead and give up already. No harm in that. I don't blame you, we suck. But the Padres do not need a bunch of fans piling on their criticism right now, telling them how much they suck. I'm pretty sure they are aware of that fact. You are probably doing the team and yourself a favor if you just start dreaming of Spring Training and let go of the stress that the Pads brought you this year.

I was telling Dex my opinion on this whole thing and he says "Doesn't that go against what you said in your previous post?"  No, because I want to see this thing through.  I want the fates to throw their worst at us and see how the Padres deal with it.  That's the excitement of this time of year.  Suddenly every game is "do or die" and your playing against ruthless teams and teams with real talent.  You want to see what your team is made of.

There is a good chance that we won't make the Post Season and if we do we'll probably get rolled. These last six games are our season. Can the Padres summon up a little bit of pride and strength and finish this sucker? That's a story that I want to know the ending.

I'm not going to try and pump you up or try to get you to believe in the Padres, I'll leave that to the Padres employees who are trying to sell season tickets for next year. Accept the fact that the Padres are in a world of suck and then decide if you want to stick around and see the ending. I'm just asking you not to complain that you have to watch these games or that the Padres are torturing you, it's your choice and you have nobody to blame but yourself if you decide to go forward with us.