The Last Home Game of the Regular Season

The day started off in the right foot. It was Stephy08's and my friend Angela's birthday and we decided to treat her to a Padres game and hopefully rookie hazing. We got to Petco Park early and met up w/ padresgirlforlife44 and freelunch by the dugout. Pgfl44 pointed out that Chris Young was giving out autographs so I headed out to see if I could get an autograph. I didn't get an autograph, it seems like my strategy of pushing people from Photo Day didn't work for me this time. I went back to our little group and pointed out to freelunch that Pad Squad Andre was right there and that we should go and take a picture w/ him. We headed over to ask Andre while the other girls followed. Andre was nothing but sweet to us and told us to wait for him. When he was done w/ the pre-game ceremony he came to us and ready to take pictures w/ the girls from GLB. But before we took a picture he told Angela that he liked her flowery dress. Angela took a picture and thought that it was enough, but Pad Squad Andre wanted more pictures, and more pictures we took. Andre asked us where we were going to sit and Stephy08, Angela, and I told him that we were sitting all somewhere in the upper reserved seats and told us that we could follow him to right field lower reserved and he would be able to find us seats there. But before we headed to meet Andre, Stephy08, freelunch, and I had to show Cla and Heath Bell their posters. While the bullpen guys were talking we were yelling at Kooz and waving at him, we got a smile and a really crappy wave from him which cracked me up. He just did this little wave by his waist and then started talking to Jim Malone. Finally the bullpen started walking and we started waving the posters and shouting for Cla, Justin Hampson, and Heath. They smiled (duh!) and waved. Justin signaled for his poster but we didn't have any of his posters w/ us... oops! Freelunch went to her seat, and Steph, Angela, and I headed to meet up w/ Andre. You all know what happened in the game, so I don't have to go into detail about that. Andre gave me a cowgirl hat though! ;) By the 8th inning Steph and Angela headed over to the garage to save pgfl44, freelunch, and i a spot for rookie hazing, while I went over to where pgfl44 was sitting to see the rest of the game and the "Shirts Off Their Backs" ceremony. Thank God I didn't win a jersey! That was really messed up that two Pad Squad members just handed the jerseys to the winners.

Pgfl44 and I headed over to meet w/ the other girls at the garage and this time we had to wait a LOT! They took forever! Freelunch showed us her "We'll miss you Justin H." poster she made during the game. We noticed that some of the players were leaving in their cars and quickly came up with the conclusion that there was no rookie hazing. Mama Giles came out and Steph as well as the other girls wanted me to take a picture of her, and I did... All I have to say is that she is an interesting character. As soon as we saw Justin Hampson walking towards the bus freelunch handed Steph to hold the poster, but Steph was too shy, so I took over and held the poster. I may had hit Steph a couple of times but at least we made Justin smile. He told us that he'll be back, we thought he meant that he was coming right out again... but that didn't happen. We yelled and waved at the other players but we didn't get much just a wave from a couple of players. Kooz pretended that he was crying and that's pretty much all we got. Freelunch and I ran to the corner of the street to wave and show some posters as the bus was driving away. And that was the end of our day. It could had been better but at least we managed to make it fun despite of a sweep,a crappy "Shirts Off Their Backs" ceremony, and no rookie hazing.

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