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More thoughts on Bradley and Winters

You're not going to believe this but I have a few random thoughts on this whole Winters / Bradley incident.

  • Does calling somebody a "f___'n piece of sh_t"  really have racial overtones, like Meachem suggested?
    Asked whether what Winters said had racial overtones, Meacham, who, like Bradley, is black, replied, "It smacked of that tone."

    I've seen poo in all shapes, sizes and colors and I don't think you can say that poo has anything to do with race.  So that comment alone doesn't to me seem to have that tone, but maybe the rest of the conversation could have been headed that direction.  I think we need clarification on this one.

  • I for one don't think that any coaches or players should hold back other players when they get angry.  This always escalates the anger.  Guys want to be held back and make a big scene to intimidate the umpire but really if they wanted to get at them they could in most cases and they don't.  This is all a bunch of bravado.  Let Milton go, if there is any physical contact then you let Buddy Black body slam him.
  • I think managers should have stun guns to control their players.  Milton Bradley wouldn't have a torn ACL if he was on the ground begging Buddy:  "Don't taze me bro!".  Umpires don't need stun guns because usually they are confronted by Managers and they are usually too old and frail to do any real damage.  Maybe they can carry pepper spray or one of those panic buttons that beeps really loud.