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Bradley out for the year. Bud Black seen whistling innocently, staring at ceiling


I'll say this, and others have made good points, but I still think that umpires shouldn't be allowed to say anything but the following six words:

  • Strike
  • Ball
  • Fair
  • Foul
  • Safe
  • Out
Those six words and the numbers one through four.

If somehow, "Piece of sh_t" has found its way into White's Winters' lexicon, then he needs to be removed. Also, Bud Black should learn to stand in between his player and the ump. That's the correct way to handle a temper tantrum. The incorrect way is whatever happened in the game there.

Also-also-also... Little bit of shame on those of you who thought Milton Bradley was faking. Granted, he may be the boy who cried wolf, but still... Shame on those villagers who let their sheep get eaten by that wolf too.

Does this fire up the Padres? Does this wake up their inner anger that burns within? Stay tuned to find out!

Update [2007-9-24 14:15:47 by Dex]: fixed from where I referred to Winters as "White". That race card keeps finding its way out of the pocket.