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Open Thread: 9/23, Padres vs. Rockies

I'm a little sad that baseball is coming to the end.  Today is the last home game of the regular season.  Summer is over, Fall is here, jbox is wistful.

The Padres have 8 games left and need to pick up 3.5 games from the D-backs.  Possible?  Yes.  Likely?  No.  Remember we are 2.5 back but we lost the season series to the D-Backs so really it's 3.5.  Then we have the Phillies, Rockies and everybody else in the NL League breathing down our neck for the wild card.  We are in a tight spot.

That game sucked last night from start to finish.  Bradley and Cameron both dropped very catchable balls, we couldn't hit and Cassel got touched up early.  Our bullpen looked good though.

I want to go to the Post Season so bad.  I don't even care if we only get the Wild Card now, I just want in.  The NL West is just gravy at this point.  

Good pitching matchup today.  Maddux (13-10, 3.95) vs. Francis (16-8, 4.25)

Win at all costs!!!

Go Padres!!! Experience the Post Season!!!