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Open Thread: 9/22, Padres vs. Rockies

Jack "Cutie Pie" Cassel (1-0, 2.87 ERA) vs. Mark Redman (1-4, 9.28 ERA).  Cutie Pie is coming off his first major league win. Remember last week after the game when his teammates covered his face in cream? Jenny Cavnar asked if it was whipped cream or shaving cream. Cassel tasted it and said "it's shaving cream" then started spitting it out. That was funny. John Weisbarth later asked "Why would baseball players have whipped cream in the clubhouse anyway?" Good point.

Game starts at 7:05. Go Padres!  Redman is pitching on three days rest and is only making his second start with the Rockies.  

The bad news is that we lost last night, but the good news is that the pitching was stellar and Adrian Gonzalez hit a super clutch homer to tie the game and send it into extra innings.  The Pads had opportunities to win with men on base in the extra innings.  Brian Giles probably came the closest to winning it with an opposite field line drive that was caught because it was just a foot too short.

Now the Padres sit 1.5 games behind the D-Backs and 1.5 games in front with the Wild Card lead.  With just a few games left the Pads could win the NL West or be eliminated from the play offs.  This is exciting, so much pressure on our boys.  You can't ask for much more meaningful games in September.

The Storm of the Century seems to have weakened and headed North.  There shouldn't be any rain tonight during the game.

Game starts at 7:05. Go Padres!