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ESPN is so annoying

I'm not one to rag on ESPN all the time considering that I watch it all day and for the most part, it's pretty informative and enjoyable. This morning though, they keep teasing to the Padres/Pirates game as "Did the Padres make the Wild Card race even tighter?"

Listen. The Padres are now half a game behind the Diamondbacks in the NL West, which might be the best division in he National League. The only way that the Padres even play into the Wild Card race at this point is that they're pulling the Diamondbacks into it. Why isn't the focus on the fact that the Padres are making a move on a third Division Title? So weird.

In other news... Did you vote on what to do with 756? I voted for the asterisk. HoF doesn't clean anything donated. Jbox and I have talked about the fact that if we get something that has HoF significance, we'd write our names on it. Suddenly you're in a museum. And write it someplace where they can't hide it so that it has to end up on display. Then, when tour groups come through, people ask what all the writing is, the tour guides will have to explain how some dude on the internet wrote all over the ball to achieve immortality. Only trouble with immortality? You have Scottish dudes trying to cut your head off all the time.

Mark Ecko's also got some pretty heady stuff to say. I, for one, agree with him. The people in charge of baseball have been pushing players to get stronger and stronger by any means possible and then they pretend like they didn't have a hand in anything when Congress decides to come calling. You go, Mark Ecko! You make your statement! Eff those dudes! Rock the HoF!