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Open Thread: 9/20, Padres vs. Pirates

I was out with some friends last night and didn't see the second half of the game.  I kept asking one of my friends to check his phone for the scores.  It was still 2-3 in bottom of the 9th.  It remained that way for a long time and he wasn't sure if he was looking at the scores correctly.

Then he tells me that it is now 5-3 Padres.  I told him he must be looking at yesterday's score, since Wednesday's final was also 5-3.  When I get back to my car the first thing I hear is the replay of Teddy's home run call.  

I went home and watched the replay, then I read articles describing it but I'm still not sure I believe it.  I'm going to hold out for more proof.

The game is on Channel 4 today one of the rare Thursday day games to be televised.  How cool would it be if we can put together back to back sweeps and catch these D-Backs?  Answer:  cootie coo.

You know how you complete a sweep?  With killer instinct.  We need to jump all over Matt Morris like a pride of lions and rip him to shreds like he was a tiny antelope.

Go Pads!