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Night at the Ball Park

  • I like how Scott Hairston goes after fly balls.  He gets a great jump and he's at full speed in a fraction of a second.  He doesn't try to time the ball like Mike Cameron seems to.  Hairston gets their early, relaxes and catches ball.  Actually now that I think about it a lot of the lesser known or younger players really hustle all the time.  We were commenting on the guys really hustling around the bases when the third out was still in the air.  I like what I see.
  • Until yesterday I had no idea what Colt Morton looked like.  I saw him high fiving somebody in the dug out and I was thinking "Is that a bat boy or a Padre?"
  • Pad Squad Carrie has a rifle for an arm.  She does not in any way throw like a girl.  On the third base line she threw a laser that came a few feet short of putting a foam ball into the second deck.  You know who did put the ball in the second deck?   Pad Squad Andre, that's who!  Gaslamp Ball may award this guy the Pad Squadder of the year award.  There is nothing about that guy that's not intense.  I'm going to let Jonny Dub give him is award though, their intensity may harsh my mellow. Jon's going to try and get a Pad Squad interview with him.  Speaking of Andre he hooked us up with waters again last night and then ran back down to initiate a section wide "Go Padres!" cheer. Unreal.
  • Did I mention I saw a weird dude in the bathroom?  Oh okay, just making sure.
  • Are there any friendly employees at Petco?  Most of those ticket people and ushers just seem to rub me the wrong way.  They aren't the least bit helpful and they just seem to nit pick people trying to watch the game.  Like last night the guy wasn't really manning his position so I stop at the top of the stairs so I could wait until the AB was over.  Nobody asked me to, I was just being courteous.  Well he comes back and asks me to come back and stand 5 feet behind the stairs.  Does it really matter dude?  There's nobody around, can you just leave people alone?  No I didn't think so.
  • I hate the grounds crew coming out onto the field the instant the game is over.  I tried to be nice but now you're just doing it on purpose.  Stay off the field until all the players go into the club house.  I'm sick of seeing you guys with blowers walking in front of the Padres celebrations.  Nobody wants to see you, go away.
  • Tried to buy "Shirts off their back tickets" from the 17 year old girl posse volunteers but didn't see any of them.