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Weird Guy in Petco Restroom

So I went into the Men's room last night at Petco and saw this guy up on the urinal:

Keep in mind this guy was probably in his 40's.  Who pulls their shorts all the way down to take a piss in a urinal?  Unless you are 3 years old and have an elastic waist on your shorts I don't see why you would ever do this.  

So everybody else in line finishes their bizness and leaves, this guy is still there.  I'm washing my hands and I take a little peek in the mirror to see what this guy is up to, behind me.  I only looked for my own safety, it is a little known fact that most people are preyed upon while washing their hands.  Just as I look up he bends over and pulls up his shorts and gives me a full moon, he wasn't wearing underwears, just the shorts.  Um, thanks dude.

People were giving each other looks like "uh, am I really seeing this?"  

So what have we learned?  Wear underwears, use your fly and don't look at anything in the men's room.