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Open Thread: 9/17 Padres vs. Pirates

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The Padres went and did it.  They decided to have Cassel pitch in Germano's place.  They think a little bit of rest for Germano can help him reclaim his control.  Cassel had a nice start last time out, but he only has 9.2 innings pitched under his belt on the Padres club.

The good news is that  Van Benschoten is 0-5 with a 10.86 ERA.  I just hope we don't turn around this guys season by letting him no hit us.  I swear every time a pitcher comes in here with terrible numbers he pitches out of his butt.  The challenge today for the Padres is to not let that happen.  

Killer instinct is in full effect tonight, Padres need to kill everything in sight. Kill! Kill! Kill!  14 games left, let's do this!

Go Pads!!!