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Gaslamp Ball Meet up

Jon, sbeck and I started walking over to the Park in the Park after the second inning.  We were walking down that ridiculously long set of ramps by the right field foul pole when Adrian hit that triple.  We missed it all and hurried to the bottom to see what all the fuss was about on one of the TV's that had a Channel 4 feed.  We saw them arguing over the play but just decided to walk down one of the pathways to the field to see for ourselves.  We were leaning against the wall in the hallway and this guy walks by and he's making eyes at Jon.  He walks past goes back, comes back again.  Each time just looking at Jon.  He finally asks some question about where he can find an ATM.  I try to answer but he's completely ignoring me.  His eyes are locked on Jon.  Jon tells him the location but the guy says that that particular ATM is broken.  I try to help out by suggesting that he go to the information boo-- I realize he's not paying any attention to me at all.  Jon says "you can buy beer or food with your ATM, just do that".  The guy gets super psyched and says "REALLY!?  DUDE YOU ARE SO F'N AWESOME!  I LOVE YOU! I'M ALWAYS GOING TO REMEMBER YOU, WHAT'S YOUR NAME?  JON I LOVE YOU!"  I'm thinking "I'm here too, wtf?"

 The guys walking away and Jon was like "if you're getting beer get me one too".  The guy turns around psyched out of his mind, "DUDE YOU KNOW WHAT WE'LL DO?  WE'LL GET TOGETHER AND WE'LL DRINK SOME MOTHER F'N BEERS!" than he high fives Jon.  We find out that our seats are right next to each other and this guy is just overjoyed.  It was so weird.  

So this wastes enough time for us to get over to the Tony Gwynn Statue with one out in the 3rd inning.  As we walk out the gate we see a guy wearing a Gaslamp Ball t-shirt.  The numbers looked really faded almost gray.  He's on his cell phone but I wave to him and Jon signals to him that we are going to be up at Tony's statue.  He waves back and all.  The weird thing was that he never showed up.  Maybe he didn't even know about it and just happened to be wearing the shirt.  That was the first time I saw somebody wearing a shirt that I didn't know, it was pretty cool.  Mysterious dude, if you read this let us know who you were.

So we get up there and there is nobody there.  I'm thinking "here we go again".  Every time we try and meet up for a pizza feed or whatever only a few people show or nobody at all.  So we sit there for like a minute and I see a couple approaching.  It's Phantom and his Phiance.  They are both really nice and Jon has been talking about all day how he wants to see Phantom's tattoo.  Phantom is kind enough to show it off.  It's this sick looking mammoth skull tattoo.  We start talking about the game a bit and Christina and Alex approach.

We've met them before so it's good to have some familiar faces there, since I'm still a bit nervous.  We chit chat, talk about our seats and old times.

Suddenly out of no where this posse arrives a 17 year old girl posse and they've brought their friends.  At this point we've got a full circle going and I try to figure out who is who.  jbro12 and I make our introductions, there's padresgirlforlife44, I recognize stephy08 and Padparazzi, ah "you must be freelunch" (that's right sdsuaztec4 you missed out dude... big time!) and then we met freelunch's friend and new Gaslamp Baller kish mabuti.  

Christina and Phantom were talking baseball and I didn't know what to say so I turned to the 17yogp and asked if anybody wanted to talk about The Hills.  We ended up talking about how security took Stephy08's and Laura's "Giants Suck" t-shirts from them and gave them these oversized MLB shirts.  They talked about how they always seem to get in trouble at the ballpark.  I asked "do your parents know that you guys are meeting strangers from the internets?"  Some said yes and some said no.  

We went on to talk about how I'm scared of the internets and really scared of getting kidnapped by internet people.  Everybody else seemed to admit to being a bit nervous about it too.  I think the ice was broken pretty quickly though.  I said something like "At least we all hate Drama, we have that in common right?" and seriously everybody goes "Ahh we love Drama, he's so nice!"  I started thinking I have nothing in common with anybody here.

kish mabutti and freelunch started showing us all the signs that they had made.  They were really good and I should have gotten some pictures.  Stuff like "Justin Hampson is Handsome" and one that said "We love Olise".  Apparently Cla Meredith's real name is Olise.  I didn't know that and I'm not even sure that Cla is aware of that.

We took a picture with everybody as security eye balled us for getting too close to the statue.

The 17yogp had to go wave, flirt and hold signs in front of the bullpen so they took off and promised to be back, which turns out they lied about.

Pad Squad Andre made a surprise appearance out of no where and handed us all waters.  That guy never stops hooking us up.  He and Jon talked for a bit but I think Jon wants to blog about that.

We talked to jbro12, padresgirlforlife44, sdguacho and Christina a while longer and shared secrets.  sdguacho told us secrets about Chris Young and we told him secrets about blogging.

We talked, we laughed and we whispered secrets.  To the best of my knowledge nobody was kidnapped and everybody had fun.  I was still a little shy so I didn't get to talk to anybody that long, but I think it turned out pretty good.  I'd be interested to know if anybody thought it was weird, awkward or perhaps even fun. What was said after the meeting?