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I love me some Padres Retro Night

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  • I stumbled upon the Miracle League of San Diego this morning while at San Dieguito County Park. I know ABY volunteers there and that just looks like a lot of fun for the kids. The announcer does a great job listing off all the kids favorite things and calling the game.
  • Great win last night. I was sitting in my seat towards the end of the game thinking, you know if the Padres lose this game, I may lose faith. Suddenly a lack luster offense starts hitting and Khalil Greene hits a walk off homer. It's been a long time since we've seen one of those. Winning has a way of helping you keep the faith.
  • I love retro nights and I'm so glad they did a 90's version. Seeing the old pin stripes again was great. I love that hat from the 90's, I might buy one tonight. It was also great to see the Pad Squad wearing their old pin striped jerseys. Jon talked to Pad Squadder Becki for a bit and she said those are the actual jerseys from back in the day. Jon also claims that Pad Squad Vanessa wouldn't wave to him. I asked "Did you wave to her?". He answered "No." Well that will do it.
  • They played commercials on the big screen from the 90's. I didn't see all of them but I saw "How Rickey Gets On" and "Trevor's Intimidation" along with a few others. Trevor's was so embarrassing but when they did a live shot of him he was cracking up. Really funny.
  • Heard on the radio that Trevor was wearing his sleeves from 90's under his jersey and was thinking about wearing his cap. He ended up not wearing the cap but that would have been cool, because that was back when they wore one cap for the entire season. That thing would have been all beat to hell. Caps don't have the character that they used to when you get a fresh one every game. I propose we change that as a cost cutting idea, John Moores loves cost cutting ideas.
  • I went up to the Tony Gwynn Statue to see if anybody was going to meet up yesterday during the third but I guess I posted my update too late. Nobody was there. I pretended like it didn't hurt but inside I wept.
  • I'll tell you what sucked about Retro Night. The lame movie and TV ads that they put up between innings staring photoshopped players. They were not funny at all and made me groan with disappointment. Oh and Liquid Blue the house band of the Padres. Actually I didn't stay around to watch them and they were probably fine but I'm just sick of them playing every concert at Petco.
  • I was walking underneath the Western Metal supply last night and this kid is keeping stride with me and while looking the other direction starts holding my hand. We keep walking since I'm not really sure what to do, I don't want to scare him. So I kind of slow off the pace and release his hand. He looks up and sees I'm not his dad and gets really embarrassed. He runs back to his dad and I can hear him telling him that he was just holding that guys hand. Kinda funny.
  • The friar was wearing jeans a white t-shirt and a flannel shirt tied around his waste doing his best grunge impersonation.
  • Jonny Dub and I are headed out to the park tonight. One out in the third inning at the Tony Gwynn statue.