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Open Thread: 9/15, Padres vs. Giants

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Tomko vs. Cain

Pepe Negro was saying yesterday on the pre-game show that he was still deciding whether to go with Cassel or Germano for Monday's start.  All the papers are saying he already chose Cassel.  The one thing we know is that he says he likes Tomko because of his Major League and September experience.  Tomko gets a thumbs up for me based on Dex's rule A.B.C. which stands for Anybody But Clay.  We're so mean to poor little Clay Hensley.

You know what kinda irks me though, why do they have Tomko as a Dodger up on the front page of the Padres website.  He's already pitched for the Pads, nobody took a picture?  Seriously somebody take that down.

See ya at the game.

Go Pads!!!