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Open Thread: 9/14, Padres vs. Gigantes

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Chris Young vs. Barry Zito.

I'll be at the game tonight so I'll put this up a bit early just in case I run out of time.  You know who else is running out of time?  The Padres.

As mentioned previously it's 90's retro night tonight.  Throwback 1997 uniforms.  You know what would be cool?  If for one game or one series they played back in Qualcomm again.  It would probably cost bank to make the changes but I heard a little rumor that John Moores is rich so let him pay for it.

Go Padres!  Sweep the Giants!  Experience it!

Update [2007-9-14 21:17:56 by jbox]:
I guess a few of you are gonna be there tonight instead of tomorrow. Since I'm going to both, I'll head out to Tony's statue in the third if anybody wants kidnap me.