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Padres... sigh

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I've made peace with the Padres now.  I'm in a zen-like mood.  The once formidable Padres pitching staff seems to be in shambles and only showing slight glimpses of their former selves.  The Padres hitting is what it has been.

I never agreed with the Padres letting Wells go, but trusted the management and coaching staff to make the right decision.  Hell they know more about his situation then I do, but with Wells you know what you are getting and with guys like Ledezma, Hensley, Cassel and the rest of these clowns you are flipping a coin.  It's too bad we couldn't have put him on the DL, tried him in a different role or given him some rest just to keep him on the team.  I'm sure he'll blow another start or two before the end of September but he can still pitch and we'll probably be trying to get him again next season to fill out our rotation.

Baseball is one of those weird sports where trying harder doesn't necessarily translate into positive results.  With that being said it didn't look like the Padres were trying too hard last night.  I think it was most obvious in the way the outfielders chased after balls in a slow jog.

The good thing is that if the Padres are going to win the NL West or wild card sports then they are going to have to earn it in September, something that was questionable the last couple of seasons.  Actually they had a good September last year, but still they played kinda half assed at the end.

Will the Padres get 90 wins?  Make the playoffs?  Maybe... maybe not.  I'd just like to see the Padres as fired up as I am.