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How fast can you get to first base?

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That was some kinda win last night. I still can't quite believe that you guys decided to fill up the second Open Thread, but I was asleep by then, dreaming that assassins were trying to hunt me down to steal my kidneys, but luckily my years of formal dance training translated into a very effective form of kung fu, which I used to fend off my attackers before turning into a cat and getting stuck in a tree in Coronado.

But I digress...

I was thinking about those lineups that were being discussed yesterday, and I think I want to stick with my Bard in the 8 spot. It's a bit more of a relaxed spot, though it is important and I realized that BA with RISP is something that I kinda feel is imaginary. On a slightly related note, True Blue LA found an article talking about how sliding into first base is the best move to get there quicker. At first, I was like, "PSHAW". Even if you get there slightly quicker by diving, it puts you in danger of getting stepped on, and if there's one thing I learned from all the snails I met on all the sidewalks I've walked, getting stepped on is not pleasant.

However, that being said, I propose we use this knowledge as a way to revolutionize baseball. Give the batters padded gloves around the knuckles and have them slide head first into first base whenever there's a play that requires the first baseman to get pulled to participate in the play. In any sort of race situation, a diving player will not only be slightly quicker (according to this article), but will also provide a distraction that I propose will make a racing first baseman or pitcher have to slow up and/or miss a receiving ball. The extra padded gloves are for if they batter gets stepped on.

Man, that would be rad.