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David Boston likes to party

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Somebody showed me a video of David Boston's (former Charger wideout) traffic stop on suspicion of DUI. The cop kept making him go through tests and Boston kept trying to get out of it saying that he wasn't drunk and he hadn't been doing weed or anything. The cop, bless his heart, ran him through it. I won't link to the video. It was like 15 minuets long.

Well, turns out David Boston was intoxicated on GHB, which many of you will recognize as a date-rape drug. Some may wonder if some psycho groupie was trying to hook up with David Boston, but I'll tell you, from second hand knowledge, that GHB makes for a terrific buzz. Actually, the only reason I know that is because I was at a party with jbox in college where some Navy dudes were passing around an unmarked water bottle, sipping very carefully out of the cap. They offered us some. They were very up front with the fact that it was GHB and promised that they wouldn't have surprise buttsecks with us. Thankfully, Stranger Danger kicked in and we cracked into some Mike's Hard Lemonades instead.

A third option? David Boston deep down wanted to get date raped. I know. That's like blaming the victim. But when David Boston is involved, who's really the victim? David Boston? Or David Boston.