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Ambushing a mailbag

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Let's ambush Corey Brock's mailbag.

The season is not over yet, but what would your ideal lineup be for the postseason?
-- Jesus R., Chula Vista, Calif.
Jesus, that is a great question. I mean seriously. Jesus, how do you come up with them? Let's go with...
  1. Brian
  2. Khalil (screw the doubters!)
  3. Milton
  4. Adrian
  5. Cameron
  6. Blum
  7. Kouz
  8. Bard
Jesus, I hope that answer works for everyone.
With Jake Peavy and Chris Young pitching so well this year, do you think one of them has a real chance at winning the Cy Young Award this year?
-- Russ E., San Diego
That's a terrible question. Let's think. No, Russ. Jake Peavy, who is leading all National League pitchers in the Pitching Triple Crown categories with less than a month of baseball left to play has no real chance at the Cy Young Award. Even though, since the Cy Young Award has been in existence, every pitcher who has ever accomplished the Triple Crown has won the CY, Jake will be the first to not do it. This is sarcasm and it is harsh, but seriously, it's OK to actually believe that the team you root for is capable of Good Things.
Do you think that bringing on Wally Joyner as the hitting coach in the middle of the year is the reason that the Padres' bats have finally come alive?
-- John P., San Diego
I know that I'm one to knock on the hitting coach when the team stops hitting, but that's primarily because it's the hitting coach's job to get the players to hit. Lots of people disagree with my tendency to want to bail on hitting coaches because they feel that Major Leaguers should be able to work their swings out themselves. But here's the thing. Major Leaguers are just like everybody else except they're really good at baseball. And if everybody else in the world needs to be told that they're doing something wrong every now and then, then I don't get why you can't tell Major Leaguers what they're doing wrong and therefore try to get somebody who's good at telling people what they're doing wrong.

All that being said, I can't give Wally all of the credit for the hitting turning around. I will however say that I cringe whenever I hear that a team is instilling a "hitting philosophy". It never ceases to amaze me that organizations run with hitting philosophies that are all the same. Patience at the plate. Work the count. Look for a ball to drive. WTF. Get some new material. Seems to me that if that's what most major league hitters need to be reminded of when they're hitting, that they're in the most need of capable coaching.

Anyways... I'm rambling...
It's almost guaranteed that the Padres are in the playoffs. But when and if they make it, do you think they'll actually go farther than the first round if they don't have to play the Cardinals, whom they have lost to so many times in recent and past postseason games?
-- Cliff F., El Cajon, Calif.
If the Padres don't make the playoffs, I'm going to cash in on Cliff's almost guarantee. I will say that if the Padres make the playoffs, there's absolutely no reason why they can't win it all. If Bob Brenly can manage a team to the World Series and if last year's Cardinals could win one, then Bud Black and Padres can do it too.