Open Thread Dodgers at Padres, 1PM today

A weird Monday series opening day game at Petco.  Its $1 Micro-Brew day also!  Happy B-day TTG!  Hopefully Jake can come through.  We need him to pitch well today, since he is also going tommorrow.  He is such a gamer.  Penny is going for the Dodgers, even after that strange incident this morning with that sheep....

Anyways here are the starting lineups:

Furcal (SS)
Pierre (CF)
Kemp (RF)
Kent (2b)
Loney (1b)
Martin (c)
Either (LF)
Penny (P)

B.Giles (RF)
M.Giles (2B)
M. Bradly (LF)
A-Go (1B)
Cameron (CF)
Greene (SS)
Kouz (3B)
Bard (C)
Update [2007-9-10 15:45:20 by SammyG]:T Gwynn (C)-thanks WG for the update
Peavy (P)

Go Padres!

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