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Before we get upset, let's all just agree that St. Louis is a hole

As (St. Louis resident) thenerdhater points out, Matt Vasgersian, apparently thinking that nobody could hear him, trashed St. Louis.

8-06-07 Ninth inning Greene hits a double down the line and two fans go over wall to get the ball....Here is broadcast I taped it channel4San Diego...First they are called yahoos.......(Matt V.).........As one of the ozarks finest pours himself out of the grandstands.....pause...and by the way the Rams should still be in L.A.......Had it with this place already.....pause....get back in your el camino and drive back to the ozarks...........Then with Baird at bat Matt forgot to hit his cough switch in faint audio you here......Im done with this place...Im so tired of losing here.....Its hotter than shit......We get our asses kicked every time we come here .....Im not coming here next year.
That's awesome. You thought you were pissed about last night's loss? At least you weren't hanging out in hotter than shit heat, with El Camino driving Ozark hillbillies. Here's what I like about Vasgersian. He says what's on his mind. This is a little reminiscent of the infamous BEEYOTCH incident.

And also, (again apologies to thenerdhater) if any St. Louis fan wants to bust out with the "stay classy, San Diego" line, then sorry... Doesn't work. No longer classy. It's not like baseball fans in other cities are "classy". Name one group of baseball fans that can be deemed "classy". Don't exist.

If anybody has YouTube of this, I'd love to see it. I'm firing up right now.

Update [2007-8-7 10:54:25 by Dex]: has the St. Louis broadcast. No Padres broadcast for us. le sigh. I've never been to St. Louis, but I can imagine it's probably pretty hot. I beg to differ that we always get our asses kicked though. I seem to recall doing pretty well there in recent years as long as it wasn't the postseason.

Update [2007-8-7 16:59:11 by Dex]: As per Drama in the comments, Matt Vasgersian responded directly to Awful Announcing. I was totally behind Matt Vasgersian there for like all morning, until it dawned on me that he responds directly to Awful Announcing!? I know he's been kind with the occasional shout out to Gaslamp Ball, but ummm... Matty, we could use another diarist on Gaslamp Ball. I've never got an email from Matty. I should've been harder on the guy. le sigh.