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Khalil Greene might be in the Mafia

Slate: The enduring mystique of the white suit:

Now, a white suit, however inexpensive, is always an absurd impracticality, even an act of defiance against all practicality. It is also, in life as in movies and books, never neutral. Like a white Rolls Royce, for example, a white suit connotes grandness, tackiness, egotism, sex, and cash.

Khalil Greene awakens a fear in me that I have not felt for some time.  

White suit, pink shirt, white tie and more oil in his hair than in the Middle East.  I can't even start to imagine what could possibly be in that backpack or the note he is carrying.   I'm guessing it's a horses head and a ransom letter.

Thanks to padresgirlforlife44 for sharing the pic