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Open Thread: 8/4, Padres vs. Giants

Associated Press

Barry Bonds shows off his gut while taking early batting practice for the first time in forever.  But he wasn't out there alone.  He's really gripping, but someone was there to ease his mind.  Someone was there that loves himself some Barry Bonds... Mike Cameron.

Padres star Mike Cameron came out to catch a glimpse at the end, giving Bonds a high-five behind the cage. They talked for several minutes.

I'm hoping that Hensley doesn't get too carried away trying to prove himself.  He really just needs to focus on winning this game and walk Bonds if he has to.  I trust Maddux going after Bonds, Hensley is a different story.  In his first start since his groin pull in the early season, he really doesn't need to get the idea in his head that he is jousting Bonds.

I always think it's weird when pitchers talk about going into history for giving up a big home run. Nobody remembers the pitchers. Who gave up the record breaking home run to Babe Ruth? Maris? Hell, who gave up #73 to Barry? Nobody knows and nobody cares. It's not about the pitchers and I think it's their egos that try to connect them to something great. They always say they don't want to be a part of history, but secretly they do.

P.S. -- Bradley is out again today because of his hamstring injury yesterday.

Experience it!!! Go Padres!!!