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Baseball managers don't know how to dress

I'm not a Red Sox fan by any means, but this is just ridiculous. Terry Francona should be allowed to wear whatever the hell he wants in the dugout. And to take it one step further, managers and coaches should not be wearing the uniforms of players unless they actually plan on playing the game. This is what a manager should look like:

"Who's in charge of this dugout? That's right, bitch. Me."

Managers should wear snazzy polos with khakis and stylish pullovers. Or suits. Managers should just wear suits with ties and everything should be nicely branded with official logos.

That'd be a cash cow for apparel too. I'd buy a slick looking official Padres tie as long as it didn't look completely ridiculous.

My explanation for why managers wear this stuff? Baseball managers are the most useless "coaches" in professional sports and want to look like they're doing something.