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Open Thread: 8/30, San Diego vs. Arizona

So seepy tired... need my seepy banky.  Jon and I are headed out to the game.  We're gonna hang in the park in the park at least for the first few innings if you want to say hello.  I think Jon Jon's girlfriend is wearing his her Gaslamp Ball shirt.

I hope we win today.  Picking up 4 games on the D-Backs is better than picking up only two.  We need to do this!  Chris Young and his oblique need to do this!

Please win Padres.  Pretty Please?

Go the Friar!

Update [2007-8-30 21:14:19 by jbox]:

Jack Cassel is starting Friday.

Jon will be wearing his Charger hat, I'll be wearing something cute, I haven't picked out my outfit yet. Jon's girl is gonna be wearing her Gaslamp Tee.

Here come the Friar!