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Friday might be a bullpen day

Manager Bud Black indicated for the first time Wednesday that the thought of having a "bullpen day" --- where a series of relievers cover the start -- was a possibility, although that would be a late decision considering how the bullpen is used Wednesday and Thursday.

This just sounds really cool.  I've never heard of a baseball team having a bullpen day, I can't wait.  I knew the Padres had a plan! Bull-pen-day! Bull-pen-day!

Oh dang! We should have Trevor make the first start of his career! Bull-pen-day! Bull-pen-day!

Boring Options:

  • Minor League Pitcher from AA San Antonio

  • Wilfred Ledezma

  • Justin Hampson

  • Jack Cassel

Update [2007-8-30 21:19:3 by jbox]:

Jack Cassel is pitching Friday. Yawn.