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Open Thread, 8/3: Padres vs Giants

On ESPN, they were talking all day about how this was gonna be Maddux vs Bonds, like it was gonna be a knife fight. If Bonds does happen to hit a home run tonight, I hope that the Padres and the people in charge at Petco don't do anything to acknowledge it. Fans will do what fans will do, but they better not stop play. If they officially stop play, then I encourage Padres fans to storm the field and trash the place. Screw Petco if they do anything of the sort.

I guess it's lucky that I'm not actually in San Diego, because I honestly think that if the Padres did anything stupid like dignify Barry Bonds' home run, I would rush the field piss on the grass.

Anyways, ummm... Sorry about that little outburst... Let's win the game and not give me any weird reason to fly out to San Diego and relieve myself in a public place.