All-Time All-Padres Team

I've been meaning to do one of these for awhile. I could never decide whether to consider their career stats or only their stats as a Padre so I scrapped all of that and went with just my favorites, numbers and tenure be damned.

1. CFer Rickey Henderson
This doesn't merit much explanation. Who else would anyone want leading off for their team?

2. 2Bman Joey Cora
Anybody who knows me or has read enough of my posts saw this coming. I love this guy; he's my favorite player ever. Scrappy, unassuming... the list goes on- this guy's everything a big leaguer should be.

3. RFer Tony Gwynn
No photograph or explanation needed.

4. 1Bman Willie McCovey
I know, I know... I'm just a historian of the game and this guy never gets the respects he truly deserves. Ask me in ten years and maybe I'll say Adrian.

5. 3Bman Ken Caminiti
Cammy seemed superhuman to us but turned out tragically human. One of my favorite stories, which will always be true to me, is the one where he was hospitalized in Mexico, pulled out his IV, ate a Snickers and smashed two home runs that night.

6. C Mike Piazza
I don't care what anyone says; I like this guy. I even liked him when he was a Dodger (he's the only one ever). I always followed his career and when he came to San Diego it was the best of both worlds. In interleague and World Series games I'd DH him and give ol' Benny the start.

7. LFer Dave Winfield
Like McCovey, his Padres days had passed before I was even born. Nevertheless, I read his autobiography at a young age and got a great respect for the man. That book was also what made me want to learn more about McCovey and Nate Colbert..

8. SS Khalil Greene
Yeah, I was supposed to say Ozzie., right? Well, I say the Khali-Lama's glove is right up there with his and how many times did Smith hit 15 homers? That's right.

Jake Peavy
History will show him as one of the most dominant pitchers of all time. Make room for the 44 between 42 and 51 out there.

Randy Jones
Sure, sure; he was dominant for a moment and helped put SD on the baseball map... but what really matters is that his barbecue is better than Boog's.

Chris Young
Every time this guy goes out there he accomplishes two things: looking ridiculous and throwing no hit stuff.

Greg Maddux
I always had begruding respect for him even though he played for shit team (nice mustache!) after shit team after shit team.You certainly can't argue with his numbers... plus, he pisses on rookies.

Gaylord Perry.
What a great name. How unapologetic.

1b/ OF John Kruk.
This guy's the reason I'm a baseball, let alone Padres, fan.

C Benito Santiago
Man, that arm!

IFer Garry Templeton
Garry got a bad rap. Sure, he was no Ozzie with the leather but who was?

OFer Greg Vaughn
Nevermind why he and Cammy were such good friends. What he did mattered when it happened. That and he made the Reds change their facial hair policy.

IFer/ OFer Morgan Ensberg
How can you deny a guy who's hitting .750 with a homer every other time he steps in?

Trevor The Hoffman
The Greatest Of All Time. What more can you say?
...other than how gay that picture was.

Rollie Fingers
Even if he sucked- which he certainly didn't- he still has the greatest mustache of all time.

Speaking of great mustaches... but seriously, why isn't this guy in the Hall of Fame?

Heat Bell
The next great closer. Since Royce Ring isn't around anymore can we call him "Snacks?"

Hey, he was a reliever early in his career (and probably should now). That and he's the most interesting man in the world.

Mud Grant
I don't care what i miss bip says, I like him, Tony and Matty in the booth.

Rudy Seanez
Rudy gets the nod solely for being the answer to one of my favorite trivia questions.

So, there it is. Where was I way off base? Who are your personal favorites?

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