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Bring it on, Bonds!

I'm really hoping that Barry Bonds comes into San Diego one home run behind Hank Aaron.  I think only good things can happen if that's the case.

Scenario one: the Padres keep Barry at bay and don't allow him to hit another homer.  The crowd gives him a little San Diego love.  We don't condone throwing fake plastic syringes onto the field but I'm sure fans will come up with something just as hilarious that won't break any laws.  This is the ideal scenario, but it has its drawbacks.  The main drawback that Barry would probably hit the record tying and record breaking home runs at home.  I won't be able to stomach that.  Not all Giants fans are blind to Barry's cheating, but let's be honest most of them would smoke his pole if given the chance.

Scenario two:  Barry hits the the home runs in San Diego.  Sure it sucks if he's does it against one of our pitchers, but he's going to break the record at some point.  San Diego gets some play on ESPN and every other news network in the world.  No such thing as bad publicity right?  

If it's here at least we get to watch and boo him when he does it.  If he breaks the record at home, Phone Co. Park will explode with fire works and they'll stop the game for an hour and a half. Then fans and Giants' staff will ceremoniously wash his ball at home plate for all the world to see.  It'll be a sickening display.  

Let's not forget about the home run ball. We can make sure that it never falls into Barry's hands. The chances also increase that a Padre fan becomes rich after catching the ball or that someone does something hilarious like throw it into a urinal.

The only way this can backfire is if the Padres are planning on making a celebration out of this.  I can't imagine that they would do anything, but sometimes they are so politically correct that it really makes me nervous.  I better not see replays, fireworks, parades and all of that.  I recommend just turning off every sign and scoreboard in the ballpark.  Turn off everything except the ballpark lights.  No music, no speeches, nothing.  Fans boo, turn their back on him, whatever they see fit.  Show our disgust for the way he plays the game.  

I'm excited, let's see what our pitchers are made of. Let's see what our fans are made of!