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Jake Peavy is ridiculous

A few thoughts from last night's game.

  1. Jake Peavy is really really good.
  2. Geoff Blum is super clutch.
  3. Milton Bradley is pretty terrific too.
I hope that you all follow sdsuaztec4's lead and stop hating on Geoff Blum. He hasn't deserved it for a couple of months now and, as Padres fans, we need to appreciate him for his contributions and forgive him for the months of April, May and June. You don't want to be the guy or gal who shows up to the game, all ready to criticize Blum, and have people around you be like, "You're not really a Padres fan, are you. If you were, you'd be paying closer attention."

Hating on Geoff Blum is like hating on Croqs. You're not talking anybody out of their Croqs and nobody wants to hear the negativity about something so minorly offensive. (I don't know what I meant by that)

In other news, Jake Peavy's really working on that Cy Young resume. Here's an interesting question... Let's say that we get into the last series of the year. Jake Peavy's ERA sits at something like 2.15 while CY's sits at 2.14. Jake's got the dominating lead in strikeouts and with one more win, will take the lead for good in NL wins. OK. So the interesting part. If you're Chris Young, do you groove a pitch to a couple of hitters so that Jake wins the triple crown? Like, what if the Padres have the division locked up, Chris Young's in the middle of a 15-0 blowout and if he gives up a run, Jake gets the Triple Crown. I guess you go for the shutout. Good problem to have, I suppose...