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Monday Thoughts

  • Would Michael Vick be better off if he were eating the dogs that got killed? At that point, how is that different from people who hunt or fish? You're using animals for sport, and then eating them in delightful curry dishes.

  • Would we have been better off insulting David Wells over and over again before each start? It seems to me that when he's offended, back to the wall, he steps up. I blame Bud Black for not calling him out for being fat and useless before gametime.

  • Should they just go ahead and allow certain types of gambling in the MLB and then determine the standings by which GM was able to make the most money in a year? Like when Padres batter falls behind, 0-2, I'd like to see KT come out and challenge the other team's GM and say, "I bet you my guy gets on base right here... $1000 straight up". It would add a level of intrigue never before seen legally in the MLB.