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Odds and Ends

  • Eric Young chose Jake Peavy as Face of the Franchise.  Dex wanted to choose Jake, but I really do think Hoffman is the face.  Jake is better and more valuable but really when you think of the guy who represents the Pads it's Hoffman.  We tossed around the idea of choosing Blum or Giles back in May but ended up running out of time and just going with Hoffman.  Peavy will probably take over that role, but for now it's Hoffy.  We explained our technique for choosing the Face of the Franchise but ESPN cut it out:
    When asked us to think of who The Face Of The San Diego Padres is, we decided to ask ourselves the question, "When somebody mentions the San Diego Padres, who don't we think of?" We would then take that list of names that we couldn't come up with and deduce who is actually left, which would then be the one person that we would think of.

    Then we realized how stupid that was.

  • I'm loving Milton Bradley right now.  I'm not sure the Padres have ever had a player taunt fans and other teams like he does after scoring or driving in a run.  Can you think of one?  The Padres are seriously the most emotionless team in the Big Leagues.  Khalil, Adrian, Kouz and others sometimes seem like zombies on the field.  It's nice to see a guy so amped that he gives the whole team a boost and shows some heart.  Most Major Leaguer's give the same old cliches after a win about how they respect the other team and thank the fans, etc. but it's nice having Bradley keep it real.  I'm a little conflicted because I usually like the modest players but this is exactly what the Padres need from Bradley in the home stretch.
  • With Stauffer's rough outing today I wonder if we should have kept David Wells around.  He would have had a better start than Stauffer today right?  Our pitching has become spread so thin with injuries that we need all the help we can get.  It will be nice when we expand the rosters but really nobody in AAA looks that good.  Especially that guy Hensley!
  • Has anyone received their Gaslamp Ball T-Shirts from AstroPitch yet?