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Open Thread: 8/26, Padres vs. Phillies

Jon and I ran a little race this morning and we were taking a bus back to the start line.  We were talking about how bad it must suck to be in the minor leagues and taking buses all over the league.  How do you take an eleven hour bus ride in the middle of the night then get off and play your best baseball?  That's gotta be one of the biggest motivating factors when you're sent down from the bigs.  No wonder Hensley hates it down there and realizes he took his time in the majors for granted. Which brings up the point, Hensley was sent down to make room for Stauffer. He can't be brought up again for ten days. Our bus ride was only like 10 minutes and we couldn't wait to get off.

Early game today for all the west coasters.  Game starts at 10:35 and it's Tim "Boy Wonder" Stauffer vs. Kendrick.

Keep winning!  Go Padres.