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Open Thread: 8/24, Padres vs. Phillies

Hi everyone.  I thought I'd go ahead and put up this open thread so that you would know that Dex and I are alive.  

I've been a little bit out of it this week, so let me catch myself up.  

The Padres have 36 games left in the regular season.  They are 10 games over .500 and 3 games behind the D-Backs.  The Dodgers are trailing us by 2.5 games and recently picked up Wells.  The Phillies are two games behind us in the wild card standings.  Chris Young hurt his back somehow and the bottom of our rotation and our bullpen have been pretty shaky as of late.  Khalil Greene is a one man wrecking crew and Milton Bradley is very sure of himself. I still like Germano more than Hensley. 

Am I missing anything?

Maddux vs. Moyer tonight, game starts in a half hour.  Should be a good series.