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You know how I'd revolutionize the game of baseball?  Let me tell you...

I was noticing a couple of days ago that Mets fans became upset with Chris Young for throwing over to first base trying to hold the runner.  The reason is understandable they want the game to progress and pitchers are thought to be just stalling when they throw over.  

So my idea is that whenever a runner reaches base they are handed a miniature souvenir bat by their first base coach.  When the pitcher throws over the runner can take a swing at the throw with the mini bat and try to knock it away so he can advance.  The runner can also jab the miniature bat in the first basemen's ribs or tickle him with it.  I think this would keep pitchers from needlessly throwing over to first and add a little bit of excitement for the fans.

I'm telling you this would revolutionize the game.