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Open Thread: 8/22, Padres vs. Mets

  • Jake Peavy vs. Brian "Boo Bird" Lawrence.  Remember when he was a Padre and people would boo him because he was the hard luck pitcher of the year?  That was sad, but B-Law kinda sucked too.  You know he's going to pitch like Cy Young tonight though, so get ready.
  • Dex answered some questions for Mets Today yesterday
  • Gaslamp Ball chose Hoffman for ESPN's "Face of the Franchise".  How does he repay us?  He blows a save and makes us look like a couple of jerks.  Seriously Dex and I approached in the beginning of May and we argued about who we should pick for a full month until our deadline came up and we still had nothing so we just went with Trevor.
  • Gaslamp Ball T-Shirts for Sale