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Retired Numbers T-Shirts for Sale!

Wait for it... wait for it... the Official Gaslamp Ball online store is now open for bizness!

If you've been waiting countless months for us to start selling the popular and sexy Gaslamp Ball Retired Numbers t-shirt again then the wait is over!

Astropitch creates online stores for most of the SB Nation blogs and they were good enough to set us up as well.  Astropitch takes online orders and has their own customer service so you don't have to worry about Dex and I mucking up your order.  They also use digital printing instead of the old fashioned screen printing.

Oh and get this... for the first time ever we are offering a shirt for the ladies of Gaslamp Ball.  We are always thinking about the ladies of Gaslamp Ball... always.  Was that creepy?  Ok, good.  Anyway, the American Apparel Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Women's Summer T is being sold with the Retired Numbers.  We're told that these run a little small so you may want to read the reviews on the American Apparel website before ordering to make sure you get the size you want.  

I'm pretty sure metrosexuals and guys who wear girl jeans to show off their curvy hips (ahem, The Third Giles) might want one of these Women's T's as well.  

Click on the logo and check out the shirts: