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We just need to hit rock bottom

Now I'm sure the Padres are addicted to losing.  I watch Intervention so I'm pretty much an expert on this sorta thing.  What we really need is for the Padres to hit rock bottom.  The way I see it, the quicker it happens the better.

Tonight was a big step in the wrong direction, which happens to be the right direction because we can only get better once we get worse.  

Milton Bradley is so clutch.  I was tuned into the radio driving around and I had given up and was waiting for the game to end.  Leitner says "We haven't had a big game tying or walk off home run in a loooong time."  Next pitch Bradley puts a game tying home run into Petco Porch.  That dude can rake.  Kooz and the Blummer starting off the rally really made me think that the Padres still had some fight in them.

A win tonight would have been the turning point in the season, but instead we get hammered in the 11th and lose Brian Giles with a sprain.

I'm thinking if Peavy can lose tomorrow and Barry Bonds can hit a couple homers in Petco over the weekend then that will pretty much put us in the gutter with our junk out and a death wish.

Then and only then we'll rise from the bowels of baseball and take our rightful spot at the top of the NL West.