The sick sad realization

In today's union trib the headline read "Pads losing ground, and Peavy in 2010."

I understand that 2010 means we still have two more years after this with Peavy in our rotation, but I have come to two thoughts since reading the article.  The first being how sad it is that Peavy will  become a free agent and bring in BANK, probably too much for the Padres to fork over. It's a sad feeling knowing that we probably can't keep our ace.

Secondly, why the hell would the Trib even run that story, 2010 is 2 and a half years away and no one wants to think that Peavy won't be a Padre after that. This is one huge problem i have with the Union their sports writers SUCK. With all the struggles the team has been through since the all-star break the last thing we/the team need to see is Jake talk about how he wants to leave when he is a free agent. Bill Center you are dead to me.

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