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Open Thread: 8/17, Padres vs. Astros

!Fiesta con los Padres!

I should have gone to the game tonight, they are honoring Mexico and all of Latin America.  Chrissy Russo was just taking us on a tour of the tents and the Latin food they have out in the park in the park.  It looks delicious.  

Geoff Blum tells us that the clubhouse vibes meter is back to "good times".  He was also showing off that hair that he's so famous for.  He should have a talk with Khalil on the proper usage of hair product.

I think the Padres are also honoring Biggio tonight.  Probably give him a bronze fish taco or something.  

Peavy vs. Woody is the match up.  As long as there isn't a major Padre meltdown we should be set for a win.  If the Pads are following their pattern they should have a very weak offensive performance tonight, following their explosion last night.  Let's find out...

What else?  Anything?

Go Padres!  Experience it!