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Live Bloggin' KT on the Mighty XX

Listen to KT on the Mighty XX

  • KT hates the dentist.  We can tell dude.
  • Clay will be making the start today, regardless of the rumors.
  • Milton Bradley is day to day.  KT is hopeful for this weekend
  • KT has not made the decision who is being sent down to make room for Clay.  Could be an option or a move to the DL.
  • David Wells was taxing the Pads bullpen, so he had to go.  KT still makes phone calls to Boomer.
  • The team can't keep a consistent approach to offense day in and day out.
  • Morgan Ensberg cannot play second base. Maybe left field vs. left handers.
  • Chris Young's stuff looked good but they were being cautious with him.
  • Clay has struggled with left handed hitters. He has to use the off-speed stuff against them and he hasn't.
  • Adrian Gonzalez has a timing issue. He's a "leg kicker" like Ichiro and his timing has been off. His mechanics look good, but he may be tired.
  • Tough to take Blum out of the line up. He's going to get a lot of playing time. Marcus Giles may get time in certain match ups.
  • No chance of the Jermaine Dye for Khalil Greene move. Zero truth to that rumor.