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Gaslamp Ball Interview: Jenny Cavnar

Jenny Cavnar is the newest reporter on the Channel 4 Padres team and she was kind enough to answer some questions for us. Let's jump right in!

Gaslamp Ball:  How did you end up in San Diego? Working for Channel 4?

Jenny Cavnar:  I was living in Los Angeles, running a club lacrosse company and coaching women's lacrosse at UCLA, while doing freelance TV work.  When the job opened up in San Diego I thought, "how can you not go for this job...full-time sports reporter position in beautiful San Diego..."  Just a year ago I was a sports reporter in Flint, MI and well you weight out the differences in locations.

GLB:  We're excited about Channel 4's new nightly Sports Wrap up show.  Can you give us any clue about what it will be like?  What will your role be?

JC:  What else do you want to know- John Weisbarth and Steve Quis in suits on a nightly basis, isn't intriguing enough?  Oh and I will be there as the sideshow. Seriously, your guess is as good as mine at this point in time.  I know we will be covering sports.  More specifically, sports in San Diego. You will have to tune in to find out the rest.  In fact, "Tune into the Lexus Post Game show during the rest of Padres season to catch a segment that will highlight our fall sports show.  It features me!"...good plug, huh?

GLB: Every time I watch the Post Game show and they cut to you interviewing a player there is a glitch.  Is someone trying to sabotage your career?  I wouldn't rule out Steve Quis, he used to be the pretty one at Channel 4.

JC:  Well, I wouldn't rule out Steve Quis either, he has been trying to sabotage Matt Vasgersian's career since the day he got to Channel 4.  I laugh after every post-game show as we are now counting the over/under on the amount of times my work will hit the airwaves without interruption.  The boys get surprised when I throw it back to them as Jenny Cavnar, for awhile, viewers thought my name was "Technical Difficulty."

GLB:  Tell us a secret about Jenny Cavnar.  Now tell us one about John Weisbarth.

JC: Most people that know me post-1998 don't know that my "awkward stage" lasted from 1st grade- freshman year of high school.  No kidding!  Fat kid, glasses, braces and big feet!  Secret about Weisbarth: he is still in his awkward stage- shhhh, don't tell him!

GLB: Can you tell us a really funny story about the Padres or the Channel 4 crew?

JC:  One day while I was waiting for dugout chatter with Bud Black, Jake Peavy's son, Jacob, started telling me that it was his birthday and when I asked how old he was, he replied, "Six," then as he was turning over asked, "Jenny will you give me 6 spankings?"  Don't worry, I laughed and walked away with my hands in the air!

GLB:  Who has been your favorite Padre to interview?

JC:  Sticking with the Jake Peavy theme- he is my favorite interview.  He is generally available at a second's notice and can talk about anybody and anything... and for a good length of time.  A perfect sound bite every time!

GLB:  Do you and Chrissy Russo hang out after work?  Does Jane Mitchell get jealous?

JC:  Seeing as Chrissy gets up at 2:00AM to go to her "real" job at Fox6, we do not get to hang out after I get off at 11:00PM.   She never stays up to watch my work and I never get up to watch her weather report.  It's a mutual relationship.  I wish Chrissy and I had a similar schedule to hang out, but it is probably a good thing we don't... could be trouble.  Seeing as my bedtime is past midnight and Chrissy's wake-up time is a few hours later, Jane Mitchell doesn't have time to get jealous.

GLB:  What has been your favorite Pre-Game show feature?

JC:  My favorite feature was the story I did for Father's Day on Geoff Blum.  His wife Kory and ALL 4 of their daughters are wonderful.  It was a fun and chaotic day to watch them be parents and realize the hardships in balancing parenthood and a major league career.  I really admire Geoff for his efforts as a dad and Kory for her support as a wife.  Great family!

GLB:  All the Mighty XX radio guys have crushes on you.  That's gross right?

JC:  Aw... that's sweet, but hard to believe.  Coach Kentera has to be annoyed by me at this point in the baseball season.  I like to pick his brain and copy his scorecard in the press box.  I know Chris Ello and I are cool though because his wife and I have the same alumni status: Colorado State University and Smoky Hill High School (Aurora, CO).  Small world!

GLB:  Since you interview people for a living, what would you ask us?  What question would you ask yourself?

JC:  For you:      Who has been your most ridiculous interview?

For myself: Why do you work so hard?

I'll go ahead and answer both questions. You work so hard because you care so deeply about Padres fans and we deserve the fruits of your labors.

I think our interview with Chase's Chicks was ridiculously weird.

Thanks Jenny! Great answers! High Fives all around!